If you are interested in tools that help improve end to end Customer Service, process, network Performance and choose to contact, we’ll share with you Simple, yet powerful Turnkey components that we help you setup to fulfill objectives efficiently, Pragmatically.

You may choose to use one or more components depending on your needs and if you wish, we can accompany you mostly on a Success fees basis.

Our existing, ready for use, telco Enablers include customer profile, CEM, digital front with Self-care and shop, workflow, network Optimization, Data analysis …

You can choose to use our simple, yet powerful visual workflow and process orchestrator and monitoring components

We help you setup easy to assemble components for front and back end tasks - sales, customer care, network deployment or network maintenance.
We provide you components, setup and configuration to reach your goals. We may provide if you wish training so that you can expand use.
You will get technologies that are open for communication with your IT systems and external sources.

Such technologies have been tested and are cost effective with large volumes of data tested with operators of different size (up to hundreds of terabytes and 40 million customers).
You may benefit if you wish from an easy to use query data analysis and dashboard tool that is ready for connection enabled for the data and capable of handling such volumes.

You can also use View 360 constructors that allow different profiles in your company to get an adapted view for their angle customer care, sales, online customers but also View 360 of devices or cells...

You may also benefit from our front end portal shop and selfcare that may help you handle your online transition.

If you are interested, we can share with you experience acquired and refined over the past 10 years, mostly on success fees projects using our technologies with operators in real conditions. This way, we can share together how to assemble simple components to perform sophisticated tasks with greater agility for a fraction of the cost. We would like to share that with you in practical cases if you wish.

As a result you may choose to use individual components for a task or prefer to opt for prepackaged solutions such as:

CEM - Customer Experience Management with dozens of One to One information and analytics provided as well as dozens of reports for large scale analysis and leads. We setup the system for you it is ready to use as soon as data is provided by your teams. We can even provide support on many data sources, technologies we are familiar with. CEM information is ready for use directly in the tool but can also be included in your portals through open web services

WORKFLOW - Now that you have extensive knowledge of your customer thanks to CEM, we provide you with prepackaged workflows made to be adapted for major sales, customer care and network maintenance processes.

SELFCARE - Now maybe the time you decide to push more online and provide your customers with tools that will improve their experience and help you make savings
You may also benefit from geographical display and tools that will locate objects interactively, provide you graphs, heat maps. You may also choose to benefit from geographical analysis tools that take in account coverage, density, population, use …

You may even choose to define projects based on objectives and we can work together on a basis of "success fees".

And you may start assembling and playing with components, leaving behind you limitations and enjoy the surprise of unfolding potentials.

Meteo services

Meteo revolutionizes customer support services by empowering you and your teams with powerful tools to predict, manage, respond and address a customer query in the most efficient and professional manner.


Customer Experience Management, CEM, is a cutting-edge IT solution to manage your customer relationships and, enhance and facilitate a seamless customer experience for your online business.


Dandelion is the most powerful and easy to use business process management (BPM) platform that empowers every manager to fully automate, measure and optimize business processes and dramatically improves their efficiency and business productivity.


You may prefer to compile in addition to network information, commercial information and profile information from your different CRMs, Billing, IN or spreadsheets. Add to that information you may collect from external sources for B2B and B2C customers. You may then benefit from our expert system engine to provide you at call centres or on the web best solutions to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty as well as your revenues and efficiency.


With improvement in mobile technology the need for mobile network availability has sky rocketed. Customers need of constant connectivity to stay in touch with the world and people needs to be met by mobile network providers.