With improvement in mobile technology the need for mobile network availability has sky rocketed. Customers need of constant connectivity to stay in touch with the world and people needs to be met by mobile network providers.

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  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting in Near real-time
  • Detection of network performance degradations Network audit
  • Support and network integration,
  • Optimization  validation of  4G SON
  • Self-healing, Automatic Neighbours Relation, PCI allocation  etc
  • Correlating data from multiple sources
  • To build KPIs/Alerts from reference libraries or formula creation by end-users
  • Provides a Multi-year storage
  • Network Audits


  • Multi-sources integration and Correlation: OSS and operational management (performance, configuration, fault), call traces, RAN probes, drive tests, Customer Based monitoring….
  • Multi-vendor solution: Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel,
  • Threshold-based alerts : out of range, gap, slow drift, complex algorithms
  • GIS (Geo Info system) including correlated and thematic analysis
  • Supported technologies 2G,3G,4G  and broadband


RAN operations and engineering.

  • Network optimization support tool detection
  • Network monitoring
  • Kpi generation for Field work, engineering  teams
  • Network planning

Delivery steps


The PerfWave delivery is implemented through 8 major steps :

1. Define together the goals of the solution.

2. Identify the organizational and technical prerequisites.

3. Build the project joint-team.

4. Install the tool linked to its local context.

5. Describe together the necessary adjustments to achieve goals.

6. Develop and implement adaptations.

7. Test the solution by a one month pilot and measure the achievement of initial goals.

8. Billing and celebrate success.


This approach increases the chances of success and drastically reduces customer risks. It allows to remain pragmatic and to achieve significant, measurable and incremental gains for a small fraction of the current approaches costs. 




This process can be repeated in batches of 3 to 4 months.


Implementation phases


- Commercial proposal is sent within 1 week, once the qualification of needs is completed

  • It confirms PerfWave feasibility, cost and implementation time
  • After a “go” is given by the client, conception phase starts with the joint-team (client and  Athenasys / Innate persons).
  • An IT project owner and project contributors must be identified from the client staff


- Conception phase of expected services can be done in a 2-days seminar at MCO location

  • Seminar costs can be agreed on a shared basis
  • All project contributors can attend at least one 2-hours meeting with the conception team
  • The deliverable of this seminar is a “conception document” written by both parties must be validated by the client business owner and the client IT project owner
  • Once the “conception document” is validated, the client sends the order for development


- PerfWave development and deployment can be done in 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of the project

  • Provided access to data sources is given, network connectivity is opened and production machines are delivered
  • Athenasys / Innate acts as integrator
  • A first version (V1) is delivered for trial and user’s feedback is used to develop the second version (V2)
  • The second version (V2) is then delivered for acceptance and deployment