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All our components have been deployed extensively with several telco operators ranging from 1 million to 20 million customers. We can share if you wish our experience with you.

Athenasys/Innate provides a set of configurable components, each fulfilling a particular role, built to be used alone or assembled with other components.
Athenasys/Innate provides end to end service, from agreeing with the Customer on scope and objectives to delivering the solution and measuring success for ongoing improvements.

Such approach and technology, increases agility, quality, creativity, while decreasing drastically cost and delay.
Innate has been successfully provided large groups and midsize organizations, solutions for helping companies:

  •     Move marketing, sales and Customer support to the digital world
  •     Move procurements and production to the digital world
  •     Follow geographically quality of their service and Customer satifaction (mostly telco)
  •     Monitor performance of their netwok and detecting improvement opportunities (telco)
  •     Orchestrate and automate processes (sales, procurements, maintenance)
  •     Analyze and correlate data
  •     Benefit from a bottom up Customer Relationship management including Customer 360 view,
  •     workflows and documents




Setup a Customer Experience management system to maximize Customer service and loyalty.




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