Meteo Services

Meteo Services

Meteo revolutionizes customer support services by empowering managers and their teams with powerful tools to predict, manage, respond and address a customer query in the most efficient and professional manner.


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Transform complaints into positive customer experience

Meteo revolutionizes customer support services by empowering managers and their teams with powerful tools to predict, manage, respond and address a customer query in the most efficient and professional manner.

With its intelligent technology, it can not only help to manage customer support queries but predict them as well, transforming your team’s responses from reactive to well prepared and in fact your teams are fully equipped to tackle queries even before they are raised. Our integrated platform ensures that all your team has complete customer information and stats readily available and customer’s query is resolved on the first call.

Who will benefit :

• If you are a Customer Care/Support representative, you will have timely information about the mobile network to support the responses demanded (required) by your customers.
• If you are a Client Manager, a Customer Support Process Manager, or a Service Manager you will benefit from a rich dashboard, for monitoring customer assistance processes or showing quality loop information.
• If you are a Technical Support Specialist you will receive accurate information about technical issues which will expedite the problem resolution process.


Why choose Meteo ? :

Meteo is a one stop solution with its multiple data sources (trouble tickets, network
topology, work orders…etc.)  implemented via flat files and web services helps you:

• Improve your customer relations.
• Reduce trouble ticket resolution time.
• Increase first call resolution.
• Increase your revenues streams.
• Optimize internal communication.
• Help your marketing team to better target their campaigns to customers.


Key Advantages :

A rich graphical interface will let you discover the benefits of a central and easy to use diagnostics tool:
• Single interface for Customer Care.
• Real-time simplified diagnosis for efficient complaint analysis.
• Anticipate problems and reduce escalations to levels 2/3.
• Enable high volumes of customer complaints to be handled.
• Providing accurate and timely feedback to customers.
• Facilitating commercial rebound.
• It will provide you with timely statistics:  Average handling time, first call resolution, commercial switch rate…etc.
• In terms of performance, it allows to support a high volume of contacts and complaints processed completely and quickly by the first line, limiting their dial rate. It also provides a competitive advantage by suggesting offers and promotions that take into account the actual situation of the customer, as well as responses that improve the customer experience.


Solution Overview :

Meteo is a Customer Care application intended to be used by Levels 1 and 2, however being an integration repository where several sources of information are collected and consolidated continuously (trouble tickets, customer’s mobile devices…etc.), it will provide to anyone in your organization with a comprehensive mobile network status overview.
It will import your trouble tickets, and work orders guaranteeing its consistency through alerts, and it can seamlessly integrate with your incident management system so communication is established in both ways.
It will receive information about your customer’s mobile device, so unavailable services can be filtered out, and adjust your customer care speech for trouble resolution, based on realistic resolution time, and guide your commercial pitch to relevant sales oriented actions.


Key benefits :

Increase Sales
• Extensive and accurate statistics, that facilitate commercial decisions and discussions with partners.
• Converting customer queries into sales.
• It takes into account your sales parameters, products, commercial policy, real situations, to parameterize messages and commercial speech and setup an improvement loop.
• Make sure prospective customers receive a very accurate information on service coverage and service availability: do better than competitors
• Gain competitive advantage by proposing promotional offers that are attractive to current and prospective customers.


Gain Operational Excellency :
• Drastically reduce your customer care processing time.
• 90% of customer complaints will be handled on first call.
• Single interface for Customer Care.
• Real-time diagnosis for efficient complaint analysis.
• Anticipate problems and reduce escalations to levels 2/3.
• Enable high volumes of customer complaints to be handled.
• Provide accurate and timely feedback to customers.


Network Insights :
• Improve your coverage, overlap, and ensure service availability.
• Empower your customer support team to tackle customer queries. Customer support team knows which services are available, or disturbed, at each site, so they provide your customers immediate and precise answers.
• Each customer’s query is anonymized, then stored with all parameters at that time. You have access to comprehensive and accurate understanding of your customers’ feedback.
• Inform and reassure prospective customers about current and future coverage.



Key features

•    Diagnose and analyze complaints in real time.
•    Collect device information from various sources.
•    Localize customers by address or map position or from CRM/CEM database.
•    Allows support agents to see coverage, availability of provided services and incidents affecting services.
•    Configurable rules to establish the status of the cells, and distribute through predefined emails the network status and a trouble ticket recap report.
•    Geo location based grouping of trouble tickets with drill down capabilities.
•    Possibility to drill down on trouble tickets and incidents with history.
•    Can provide suggestions to improve customer experience from other tools.
•    Display of results on interactive map, shows location situation in terms of coverage
•    Support PoS :

  • Enable PoS to localize areas where prospects intend to use operator services and check device characteristics before selling.
  • Displays results on map and shows situation on location: coverage; and if required availability, cells around, …
  • Displays interactive coverage maps

•    Service monitoring :

  • Global view of RAN degradation.
  • Displays alarms and counters from OMCs and/or other sources delivered by the MNO (flat file or message based).
  • Display trouble tickets from operator’s tools (flat file or message based).
  • Builds a topology, when required from OMCs.
  • Builds standard Estimated TimeTo Repair (ETTR) from Network Platforms and KPI statistics.
  • Measures ETTR progress.

•    Public Web :

  • Builds images for coverage maps.
  • Allows customers to view coverage either by browsing a map or searching a location
  • Residential subscribers (portal with authentication):
  • Allows access from the portal or within customer’s account
  • Allows customers to view coverage and availability of services
  • Checks compatibility of current /future customer device with services on location
  • Stores last location searches for future visit
  • Allows customers to give feedback on services coverage / availability

•    Corporate customers (fleet management) :

  • Localizes company sites
  • Displays coverage / availability status on company sites
  • Displays upgrades and new services forecast on company sites
  • Checks compatibility of current /future fleet devices with services on location


How quickly can you get benefits from it ?

When you choose to deploy Meteo as your real-time diagnostics solution, we respond immediately to your business needs. Our team of professionals would work closely with you to customize the product according to your specific requirements, making it a seamless and hassle-free journey. We are committed to prioritize your needs and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Implementation takes between 2 to 4 months depending on the project specifics and requirement’s complexity.


You can start maximizing the benefits of your Meteo implementation with 2 or 3 days of training.




Delivery steps

The Meteo services delivery is implemented through 8 major steps :

1. Define together the goals of the solution.

2. Identify the organizational and technical prerequisites.

3. Build the project joint-team.

4. Install the tool linked to its local context.

5. Describe together the necessary adjustments to achieve goals.

6. Develop and implement adaptations.

7. Test the solution by a one month pilot and measure the achievement of initial goals.

8. Billing and celebrate success.

This approach increases the chances of success and drastically reduces customer risks. It allows to remain pragmatic and to achieve significant, measurable and incremental gains for a small fraction of the current approaches costs. 



This process can be repeated in batches of 3 to 4 months.


Implementation phases

- Commercial proposal is sent within 1 week, once the qualification of needs is completed.

  • It confirms Meteo services feasibility, cost and implementation time
  • After a “go” is given by the client, conception phase starts with the joint-team (client and Athenasys / Innate persons).
  • An IT project owner and project contributors must be identified from the client staff


- Conception phase of expected services can be done in a 2-days seminar at MCO location

  • Seminar costs can be agreed on a shared basis
  • All project contributors can attend at least one 2-hours meeting with the conception team
  • The deliverable of this seminar is a “conception document” written by both parties must be validated by the client business owner and the client IT project owner
  • Once the “conception document” is validated, the client sends the order for development


- Meteo services development and deployment can be done in 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of the project.

  • Provided access to data sources is given, network connectivity is opened and production machines are delivered
  • Athenasys / Innate acts as integrator
  • A first version (V1) is delivered for trial and user’s feedback is used to develop the second version (V2)
  • The second version (V2) is then delivered for acceptance and deployment