Customer Experience Management, CEM, is a cutting-edge IT solution to manage your customer relationships and, enhance and facilitate a seamless customer experience for your online business.


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Transform your business and make it customer centric

A happy customer is a loyal customer is our motto.
Customer Experience Management, CEM, is a cutting-edge IT solution to manage your customer relationships and, enhance and facilitate a seamless customer experience for your online business. It empowers you to quickly respond to your customer queries and offer a high quality personalized experience that is specifically tailored to your customer’s requirements. CEM offers intelligent and integrated search options which allows you to access and correlate various data sources related to individual customer experience from network probes, enriched with other sources, including customer interactions, billing, CRM, social networks… etc.
CEM transforms your business by making it more customer centric. It enriches your understanding of your customer perspectives and provides tools to define optimal strategy. With the customer at the heart of your business, CEM enables you to identify customer loyalty drivers, measures and manages customer relationships, helps design sales strategy in response to customer demand and promotes your sales with new and loyal customers who are guaranteed pleasant and valued experience.

Who will benefit :

With powerful features and tools, CEM offers a whole range of benefits to your business team :

• As part of the Marketing team, CEM enhances your capability to predict customer behavior and design and manage customer strategy.
• CEM enables you to gather information about network experience so that you can maximize your sales initiatives by focusing on the most satisfied subscribers.
• CEM helps you design a retention strategy to counter churn due to poor network quality.
• If you are a Customer Service representative, CEM provides you efficient tools to individualize the way to handle customer queries, or helps you proactively identify potential glitches with configuration of devices and services.
•    As network operation and maintenance manager, CEM helps you detect degradation in real time, or prioritize network failures based on your customers impact.

Why choose CEM :

Pleasant customer experience ensures higher sales and profitability. We understand the importance of retention along with growth in subscriber numbers. With increasing market competition in online business, establishing a lasting differential in the market place is integral for business to grow.  A solid differentiation can be gained through managing the customer experience with CEM. Through a very simple and intuitive interface CEM will seamless integrate your network and other related customer experience data sources providing you the edge your business needs for higher sales.


Key Advantages :

• A strong customer experience strategy will boost your business by innovating products and increasing brand value.
• CEM provides operations with concrete information to define their actions and measure their impact
• Analysis of data with multiple filters and drill down options thanks to a user-friendly and flexible interface, analysis performed autonomously
• Ability to share valuable and consistent information as well as QoS analysis between all the teams involved in the relationship and the customer experience (network operations / services), customer service, marketing).


Solution Overview

CEM is built on different modules that collect, store and present network indicators for Voice, SMS and Data, for millions of subscribers in near real-time. It features maps and dashboards to make the key information highly visible and accessible to different roles and users. Its versatile user interface allows to easily drill-down from mass level analysis to individual subscriber network behavior.
Its myriad of network indicators is automatically consolidated and grouped to make analysis fast and simple.

Key benefits

CEM brings you multiple benefits in different aspects for the organization :
Marketing :
• Increase ARPU based upon tariff plans.
• Campaigns based upon experience of the customer.
• Real-time handling of complaints.

Customer Service :
• Increase First Call Resolution.
• Reduce number of customer complaints.
• Reduce transfer to other departments.
• Loyalty team to optimize retention offers as per customer experience.

Product Quality :
• Assuring quality for product developed.
• Monitor experience against products.
• Monitor who is using the product and usage.

Business Intelligence :
• Integrate all the needs and uses cases related to BI from other departments.
• Support new services rollout planning as per customer locations.
• Improve the churn prediction model.

Customer Experience
• Link usage information as per tariff, technology (2G/3G/4G) etc. with satisfaction surveys made in touch points.
• Link satisfaction with actual customer quality to identify improvement.

Fraud management, Revenue Assurance & Security
• RA to assure what is important is billed.
• Roaming usage analysis to bill operators.
• Fraud terminal sales detection.
• Fraud traffic detection including roaming.


Key features

• Contact escalation.
• Exclusive customized service numbers and email.
• Call back service within defined time.
• End to end customer device testing.
• Real time data capturing can be filter the same time to focus on error.
• Device performance check.
• Identifies quickly level customer QOE and finds out if it meets market requirement.
• Pinpoint out service issues at specific geographic locations and brings about optimization.
• Verifies full life cycle by active monitoring.
• Selected KPIs to support QOE.
• Data can be fetched and subjected to other tools with CEM as an animator of the real problem.
• Proactive monitoring        
• Flexible rules within the tool.
• Knowledge base of the network with historical repetitive coverage issues.
• Identify popular areas of high value customer. The most popular services for High value customer.
• Identify on a map areas where 2G and 3G coverage  with popular data usage a for given terminals.
• Provide cell performance in several customized ways.

How quickly can you get benefits from it ?

When you choose to deploy CEM as your customer experience management platform, we respond immediately to your business needs. Our team of professionals would work closely with you to customize the product according to your specific requirements, making it a seamless and hassle-free journey. We are committed to prioritize your needs and guarantee your complete satisfaction.


Delivery steps

CEM delivery is implemented through 8 major steps :

1. Define together the goals of the solution.
2. Identify the organizational and technical prerequisites.
3. Build the project joint-team.
4. Install the tool linked to its local context.
5. Describe together the necessary adjustments to achieve goals.
6. Develop and implement adaptations.
7. Test the solution by a one month pilot and measure the achievement of initial goals.
8. Billing and celebrate success.

This approach increases the chances of success and drastically reduces customer risks. It allows to remain pragmatic and to achieve significant, measurable and incremental gains for a small fraction of the current approaches costs.



This process can be repeated in batches of 3 to 4 months.


Implementation phases


- Commercial proposal is sent within 1 week, once the qualification of needs is completed

  • It confirms CEM feasibility, cost and implementation time
  • After a “go” is given by the client, conception phase starts with the joint-team (client and Athenasys / Innate persons)
  • An IT project owner and project contributors must be identified from the client staff


- Conception phase of expected services can be done in a 2-days seminar at MCO location

  • Seminar costs can be agreed on a shared basis

  • All project contributors can attend at least one 2-hours meeting with the conception team

  • The deliverable of this seminar is a “conception document” written by both parties must be validated by the client business owner and the client IT project owner

  • Once the “conception document” is validated, the client sends the order for development


CEM development and deployment can be done in 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of the project


  • Provided access to data sources is given, network connectivity is opened and production machines are delivered

  • Athenasys / Innate acts as integrator

  • A first version (V1) is delivered for trial and user’s feedback is used to develop the second version (V2)

  • The second version (V2) is then delivered for acceptance and deployment